The Law of Attraction & The Secret to Building a Successful Business

We all look on with a degree of envy at that select group of people who we consider have made it in the world, building a successful business, the big home, the sports car and expensive life style, you all know what I mean. How is it that the law of attraction has manifested this wealth for them and not for us? I mean to say we went to the same school, had the same marks and we got into the same college and university? We even went into business at the same time.

The one secret that has never changed and never will is

“Talking to Your Customers”

To build a successful business, I hope you are talking to your customers – “often”. If you don’t, how can you possibly meet their needs? How can you sell them products or services that they really want? If you’re not meeting client needs, how can the manifestations of wealth you seek for your business come true. Your success is built on the success of others who need your products or services.

This critical advice for owners of small companies can never be understated. The quickest way out of business is to forget this principal. Talking to your customers allows you to build a successful business on the universal energy that you both share from this interaction. Know your customers needs, manifest in your own mind the steps to success that they need to achieve, to bring the rewards to you that build your success. Be grateful as you proceed through each stage as a supplier, what ever the level. Be there for your client and they will be there with you. As they build their business yours will be pulled along with it. You may even want to think about joint venture if you can see a blockage in growth that can be beaten working together.

Remember success builds on success. This is the key in building a successful business. Clients remain loyal only on good service or there being no other supplier. Change these variables and see how long it is before you are out of business.

Not Talking To Your Customers?

If you aren’t talking to your customers, you have probably fallen into negative patterns. Lets look at some of the more common mistakes made repeatedly by small business.

Losing attitude #1 – You are so pressured to get short-term results in your new business that you forget about long-term strategies. There are times during the startup phase when you need to generate profits quickly. But at some point – the earlier the better – you have to get to know your customers so you can market to them strategically. If you don’t, any success you achieve will be short-lived.

Losing attitude #2 – You think that you already know your customers so well that there is no need to communicate with them. An even more damaging version of that attitude is, “My customers are just like me and they think the same way that I do. We’re on the same wavelength.” You are living in fantasyland. To build a successful business you need to understand; your competitor is just around the corner waiting to pounce. Relationships grow off understanding; close contact lets you know any changing needs or pressures on the clients business. Good relationships will give you advanced warning of competitor’s approaches and allow you to counter with supported serve levels.

Losing attitude #3 – You welcome good news from your customers, but shut off the bad. It is great to hear from customers who love you. But are you also eager to talk to them when they call to complain? Remember that complaints are much more valuable than praise. They point up areas where you can increase your profits by improvement this helps you build a successful business.

Losing attitude #4 – You have blind faith in your product or service. It is so great that it will succeed with no effort from you! That line of thinking also causes you to ignore your competitors. And remember that the more successful you are, the more aggressively your competitors are gunning for you. Relationships not just product or supplying a service, is the key to success. It is an established fact that a good relationship can allow as much as a 7% increase in the purchase costs of sales a client makes.

Losing attitude #5 – You think that you don’t need to understand and target specific consumer groups. All people are really just the same, right? No, wrong! Your profits are maximized only when you understand just who your customers are, so you can market to them strategically.

So the bottom line is;

To build a successful business you need to; Talk to your customers often and efficiently. Visit them to see how they are using what you have to sell. Survey them. Hold focus groups to pinpoint what they like and dislike about your company’s products, services, people and everything else. When customers call to complain, capture what they have to say. And share it with everyone in your organization.

Use the Law of Attraction [] to build a successful business. Manifest in your mind that which you want. Act as if you have it, and before you know it, it will be yours. Never waste your time dreaming about what other have, what you don’t have. You bring to yourself only what your really believe in. Negative thoughts are the key driver to negative events. If you are negative the gains you seek will remain unfulfilled and the concerns you had, will become reality.

Develop winning attitudes, Give gratitude for what you have. Trust the Law of Attraction, the universal laws of provision. Manifest that which you seek. Hold your belief in the manifestation. Think of it as a reality, live the dream where possible and you will see the results. Others will look at you and ask how he achieved it, ask why it happened to him and not me.

Ultimately, the success of your business and your marketing can only succeed if you listen to your clients. Ultimately the future you seek to MANIFEST will only happen if you follow The Law of Attraction Principals.


What It Takes to Create a Successful Business

When creating a successful business there are a few things you need to think about and understand in order to have the most success. Creating a successful business takes a lot of time and effort, but when done right it can make you a lot of money very quickly. The great thing about business is you have many different options in getting one started and a whole lot of options once it is up and running. The first and most important that goes into creating a successful business is planning. When it comes to a business plan there is nothing that should be left out. When your business plan is finished it should be so well written that a person off the street could pick up the plan and could set up the business, start the marketing, buy any products or equipment that is needed, have all the financing in place, know who is the target market, where to find customers, and what the projected revenue is for the first 6 months. As you can see a plan will give every little detail about the business that way you know exactly what to do and when to do it.


What most businesses never do is experiment with their methods. That means marketing, services, customer service, and every other aspect of the business. The entire point of experimenting is to try to find any methods that can be improved so your business can make more money and be more efficient. Most business owners don’t do this because they are afraid they could mess something up and actually lose money, but what if you gained money? Don’t think of experimenting as a way to mess things up, think of it as a method to find a better way to make money.

Long term approach

The biggest problem with starting a successful business isn’t that the business itself is a bad idea, but the owner running it is putting too much pressure on the business to perform well. The one thing that has always worked well in business is taking the long term approach. Taking a long term approach is good for business because it means you are letting the market determine the size of the business and not just looking at the money. Taking a long term approach means you will use cash to build your business instead of credit and because of that you don’t have to make as much money as a business in order to stay open. If you want more ideas to make money by taking the long term approach then visit

How to Run a Successful Business Online: What’s Getting in the Way of Success?

People who know how to run a successful business online weren’t born that way…

There are several reasons why they have chosen the path of success. And yes, I used the word “chosen” because we all can choose to have success in learning how to market online, just as long as we steer clear of the stumbling blocks along the way.

So this means that all you need to do is find that stumbling block that is holding you back in knowing how to run a successful business, and make a decision to get past it.

To help you out, I’ve outline ten top stumbling blocks that hold people back in their business…

1) Non-committed – “I’ll just try it out.”

Anyone who has ever achieved success in business online has jumped in and committed fully. There are plenty of people who say “I’ll try it out for a month and see if it works”… really? Try a business for a month? Anyone who has that little commitment from the get-go should not join this business, as persistence is golden.

The good news is that success in business online is practically guaranteed given enough time and persistence…

People from all walks of life have been known to achieve internet marketing success – even people with no college education, people who are disabled, and people from all races and religions. But they have one thing in common: they stay committed.

2) Fear of failure

The vast majority of people who opt into a website never even read the emails that are sent to them to teach them how to market online. And this is probably due to skepticism.

A little skepticism about jumping into a new opportunity is healthy. However, beware of choosing to be so skeptical that it holds you back from success. Skepticism is the same as fear. And fear is “False Events Appearing Real”. If you are so skeptical that you never try, then your likelihood of becoming successful is a big fat zero!

3) Fear of success

Fear of success? Yes, there is such a thing as this, too. People by and large are afraid of change. They tend to cling to whatever it is they know, which is their “comfort zone”. Oddly enough, even staying with an abusive spouse is considered a “comfort zone” for some… and staying in an abusive job is also a comfort zone, even though it is far from comfortable. If this is you, be aware of it, recognize it, and try to move on.

4) Fear of quitting job due to long-time loyalty

People who hate their jobs have it easy to move fast in this business. However, if you’ve been working at the same job for years, then you might have a sense of loyalty, and you really don’t feel the need to quit, because the loyalty to something that has provided for you for so long.

Just remember that it’s a business that pays your bills, and in this day in age, anything can happen to that job…

I’m not saying jump out of your job and into internet marketing in one sweep – but just work both at the same time until you start to feel as comfortable with the contacts you make online and your new following as you do in your job.

5) Fear of quitting job due to insecurity

This goes back to the fear of change factor. We all want security, but in reality, being a slave to your job until you die is not really security.

Conversely, it keeps you hostage and holds you back from changing into who you were meant to be…

While it’s a good idea do keep you job while you’re first starting out learning how to run a successful business online, my suggestion is to slowly wean yourself away as you become more secure in knowing how to run a successful business and becoming an entrepreneur.

And, this is probably the longest learning curve with learning how to run a successful business online…

6) Unwillingness to think outside of the box

We all start out going to school where we are taught to just pay attention to what we’re doing, and, whatever you do, don’t talk to your neighbor! I made A’s through most of my school days because I was very good and never talking to my classmates.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, this had really held me back. I’ve had to learn all over again that learning how to run a successful business has to do with communication with others with a willingness to help others. School teaches us that the world is competitive. However, once you learn to cooperate with others to where you can help your neighbor, you’ll be surprised how people seem to come out of the woodwork to join your business!

7) Listening to nay-sayers

This is something that holds the average person back in their business. Just like “crabs in a bucket”, your friends, family members and loved-ones are apt to be asking you, “just how long are you going to try this thing out before you quit?” That’s a loaded question that you should not even acknowledge, because anyone who does not succeed in online marketing has not failed – they quit.

The average learning curve to learn how to run a successful business online takes four years. When you compare this to the costs of a four year college degree, the cash outlay is less and the income level you can achieve is far greater!

So just ignore the nay-sayers and consider the source. You wouldn’t want to take advise from someone who has not learned how to run a successful business any more than you would take marriage advise from someone who has been divorced three times, or take child rearing advise from someone who’s kids are in jail.

8) Unwillingness to get to events

Most of us (me included, I have to admit) think that we’ll up our way up to those events once we learn how to market online. If you’re analytical like me and just don’t see the need for that “rah-ray hype”, then here’s a logical reason to get to events:

Suppose you meet up with a team leader who is making over $10,000 monthly and you tell him your story and he’s inspired enough to make a video with you… or even get a picture taken with you. This is what happened to my daughter when she went to Costa Rica for Dave Wood’s event. Her videos captured with Dave what she posted on her blog sent her business sky-rocketing, and she’s now making over $10,000 monthly! This could be the one missing component you need to learn how to run a successful business online.

9) Trying to learn too much too fast

There are a multitude of ways to market online, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Most of us tend to try out everything without giving anything a chance to work. Once you find a strategy that you enjoy doing, the message here is to change your approach, not your strategy. You WILL get better at anything if you continually work at persistently. And persistence pays off in this business.

10) Don’t be scared to be yourself

Most of us start out “faking till we make it”. Contrary to popular believe, this will hold you back with learning how to run a successful business. There are a bazillion people out there who are marketing the same thing as you, and you need to find a way to stand out in the crowd. We all have gifts that make us unique in some way to anyone else on earth, and you’ll be surprised how the law of attraction draw people your way who think like you do, once you begin to reveal the real you through your stories and videos.

And, this is the most important thing to remember with learning how to run a successful business online…

People join people, not businesses, and the sooner you learn this, the sooner you’ll learn how to run a successful business online!

Using Social Networks to Boost Your Business and Products/Services Sales

They began as tools to communicate on a social level. One person relating with another. Sharing thoughts. Communicating actions, events, trends.

Over the years they’ve gained a boom and, because business deals and sales of products and services are basically a function of relationships – your contacts, your links, etc, the Social networks have become the next platform for advertising your products and services. (The more persons there are on any network, the greater the chances of conversion.) It’s all about opportunities.

Many obviously must have read that Facebook overtook Google in the number of persons that was on its network over a 30 day period. (That means great great opportunities for marketing your product). I suggest you open Facebook Page if you don’t have one.

Of course the concept of Marketing/Advertising is all about visibility and reach. Internet Marketing is no different. It’s all about visibility and reach. So, with several million persons on the social network, Facebook daily, a lot of opportunities for advertising of products and services definitely abound. Companies and businesses are equally setting up Facebook pages. Via it, they communicate happenings and events in the organisations to their clients, fans, etc. They are equally able to preview market perception of about to be released products.

So, how do you utilise the social network Facebook to boost your business and increase your products and services sale?

Our upcoming Empowerment Seminar is positioned to communicate the utilisation of this great tool for Internet Marketing as well as other great tools.

You probably have heard about Google Analytics that gives you details of hits and visits to your website, the pages visited, how much time was spent on a particular page and, the bounce rate. If you monetized your site, Google Analytics also records the income stream obtained. Now Facebook also has its analytics extended to serve you better.

To incorporate Facebook Analytics to your page and extend the reach of your products/services and your brand, you will need to utilise the new Facebook Like plugin. Placing the code for the plugin on your page links you back to Facebook and inevitably to its Analytics that will give you details of visits to your website or blog page. It also boosts your visibilty via search engines. Remember that the more visibility you have, the greater the chances of new opportunities.

You can also place the Facebook Post to Facebook link on your page. It gives visitors to your site the opportunity to post articles on your webpage to their Facebook pages and other locations.

To implement the Like plugin and the Post to Facebook plugin on your website, you must create an iframe and specify an “href” attribute to the iframe: something like

<iframe src=""></iframe> . You will need to copy this code and place at the relevant points in your website page(s).

I hope you have an exciting Internet Marketing Experience.


Izuchukwu Ezeume