The Social Network – Facebook Autobiography

Millions of people chitchat on the net everyday checking their MySpace and Facebook accounts for the day’s activities. Chances are better than average that you have one or both of these accounts right now and you have liked, poked or quizzed at least once! Most people will go through all of these motions daily without ever thinking about how these sites got their beginnings, The Social Network is a movie that seeks to address that question for the master of the social network sites, Facebook!

On Facebook

If you are one of the few people on the planet who has yet to start your own Facebook page, first of all you are in the minority. So what is all the hoopla about? Facebook is the premiere social site on the net, it is a place where you can share your life with the rest of the world, well at least those on your friends list!

Getting started on Facebook is pretty simple you just fill out a little information, choose a password and you are set to begin adding stuff to your profile. One of the most commonly shared media forms on the site are pictures. People post pictures at a lightening rate of anything and everything! Kids, dogs, summer vacation or the cake they baked last night are all fair game for an upload to Facebook.

The images, comments and other activity you partake in on the site can only be seen by you and your friends. Now these may or may not be people you actually know outside of the internet. Some people prefer to keep their Facebook page a place for close personal friends and relatives while others accept every friend request sent their way.

In addition to leaving comments, sending messages and sharing photos you can also play a variety of games through the site. Farm Town and Farmville are two of the most popular games created for the Facebook platform. Your success with these applications will depend a good deal; on how many friends you have that play and how often you plan on signing in! If the idea of your own virtual farm does not impress you much perhaps you would like you own virtual apartment in Yoville or an island paradise, pretty much anything you can think of has an application on Facebook.

The Movie

The Social Network is a movie dedicated to telling the story of how Facebook got started. The tag line, “you can’t have 500 million friends without making some enemies” pretty much sums up this exciting film. Watch as the co-creators go from being average college kids to earning billions, yes billions of dollars! Of course, the film is not without some intrigue as accusations of theft, privacy violations and best friends suing each other for massive sums of money fill out the plot. This movie is shaping up to be a super success.

Creating a Successful Business

Are you feeling a bit jealous when you see your colleagues succeeding in business? Have you been wondering what it takes to get to their level?

I know that a lot of people seem to think it is complicated to create a successful business.Well, actually, it’s not! It’s quite simple, really. I want to share a few ideas with you – ideas that have helped me to be on track for a multiple 6-figure business this year.

Public speaking is one of the best ways to grow your business – I don’t care what industry you’re in. You want to show confidence, when public speaking, from start to finish. It takes meaningful, relevant, sustainable content – along with showing confidence through your body language. You want to be certain to present your ideas with lots of energy and passion so that people get excited about the possibilities in store for them. How do you do this? Get out there and start talking.

One of the other secrets to success is to know your market – it is critical to price your products and services appropriately. This is the one area where I see many women entrepreneurs fail! It is a combination of lack of self-esteem and a sense of self-worth through to the fact ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ about pricing! I didn’t have a clue, quite frankly, until I made the investment to work with a high-level marketing coach. It was at that time, and in that relationship, that I learned so much of ‘how’ to do this. It is such a pleasure for me to work with my clients and see the light bulb come on when we explore the different options available – not only with the pricing, but with the creation of multiple streams of revenue.

You want to project a professional image to your community. As far as I’m concerned, this topic does not get addressed enough when it comes to having a successful business. If you are serious about becoming a wealthy woman leader, then you must look, act, speak and project yourself in this way. Find role models. Hire an image consultant. Do whatever it takes. Are you going to meetings looking like you just got out of bed? (I’ve seen it!) When you work from your home office, have you fallen into the trap that it’s convenient to dress in sweats? Come on – get serious! When you look good, you feel good – and when you feel good, you do good. Dress for success.

You not only want to project a certain image to your local community, but it’s also important to ‘be that wealthy woman leader’ when it comes to your on-line presence. Most of you are aware, by now, that I have recently re-branded to the Wealthy Woman Leader image. I am constantly up-leveling and growing my business and therefore, my professional image needs to reflect same. Our company image, locally and on-line, reflect this in every way. What about you? What needs to change? Take a very good look at your business and at your image from the eyes of a new prospect – what do you see? What do you want to see?

Prospects love to see positive client feedback – so make it available. In working with my clients, I realize that one of the reasons they have not been sharing positive client feedback is because they haven’t asked their clients for it. You want to create a successful business – then share the success stories of the people with whom you have worked. Pretty simple – yet, I know many potential wealthy women leaders hold themselves back from asking because of mindset issues again. In working with my clients, we have created a simple template, and an ‘ask’ script that makes this very simple.

So, if you are feeling somewhat jealous about the success of others around you, take some of these simple ideas and implement them today. You, too, will begin to experience progress, build your confidence, and watch that bank account grow – and be the successful business owner that you have just dreamed of being. It’s all in your hands! Make it happen today.

Online Marketing Presence – Key Strategy to Lay the Foundation and Build a Successful Business

Most of us think that it is not possible to build a successful business over internet without quitting their regular job. Fortunately, this is not true and the reality is that it is absolutely possible to create an online marketing presence while working. But the most important thing here is that before establishing an internet business; you must give yourself at least a year for getting online exposure. Once you have done it, you are all set to lay down the foundation of your internet venture. It is essential to be online in order to get success in the virtual world or you will have to struggle too much. So, keep on reading this article to know more about how to build a successful business and online marketing presence.

The very first step for starting is to establish your own business instead of becoming a reseller. Take some simple steps like jumping into services instead of manufacturing, starting at a local level instead of national or international. Do everything step by step and do not try to make big leaps just in beginning. The reason behind it is that it will help you get ready for a bigger campaign in future. Moreover, your competitors would not realize that you are coming to hit them. To make your online marketing presence, you must lay down its foundation on Google. So, follow these directions to do it in a right way.

1. Never choose a company name after your own name. Instead, select a name according to your business and follow the similar fashion for picking the domain name too. It is important because if you will pick the domain after your own name, it will be difficult to bring traffic on your site and hence more time will be taken to build a successful business online. It is always better to domains, as these are the most common one. Try to keep the domain name shorter so that Google can recognize it and people can remember it.

2. Use proper keywords. To brand your company on Google, start with long tail keywords that include at least 4 to 5 words. For example, if your targeted keyword is “mountain tours” or “climbing tours” and your company is based in California, you can consider starting with “California mountain climbing tours” or “California guided mountain tours” or something similar. Once you have established your online marketing presence on these keywords, you can jump for shorter keywords.

3. Gaining backlinks is another important step of building a successful business. If you are not much familiar with this, take help from hundreds of articles and resources available on internet. Once you get acquainted with enough knowledge, gradually start the process of link building. The best way to do is to submit your website to major web directories. Yahoo and are one of the best known web directories. Then establish a blog and make frequent but informative posts on it. Finally move on to article writing and submit them to huge article directories like Ezine. Make sure that your articles are perfectly written and proofread before submission.

4. Keep a track of your page rank. Once you are done with all above activities, your site traffic will being to increase and your Google page rank will jump high. As your site will get popular, more and more number of people will start contacting you through the website, which is extremely important.
It is not as easy as you will always face some hurdles in the beginning. But do not worry as this is a part of every business. So, take correct steps towards establishing a foundation of your online marketing presence and build a successful business in virtual world.

Business Facebook Page Compared With Other Social Networks

Marketing a business takes time and hard work. It is through advertising in which businesses get their products seen and to reach their targeted audience. For years this was done, in a variety of different but similar ways for nearly all businesses.

In order for a business to be recognized, they often used adverts such as billboard posters, advertisement in a local newspaper, some on occasions, have used advertising on radio and T.V. Although these ways of marketing are still widely used for some advertising, more and more businesses today, are turning to social networking sites in order to advertise or promote a product. Social media is fast becoming the new trend in business marketing. With the options of reaching a wider audience faster, and achieving business goals more efficiently, it is no wonder this way of marketing appeals to many.

Facebook is within the top 3 most popular social networking sites used today. With over a billion users registered on Facebook, there is an endless stream of information, news and trends posted daily.

Fast becoming a favorite way in advertising. Facebook business pages are free to create but there is a small charge for promoting adverts. The option of creating a new profile specifically for your business Facebook account is available, or you can just log into a personal profile and create a Facebook business page.

So how does a business Facebook account fare against other social networking sites such as twitter and LinkedIn? For starters, Facebook is available in over 40 different languages whilst LinkedIn is only available in just over 3 languages.

With a Facebook business page in place, you are able to upload and share photos of products, or videos from other networks such as YouTube. There is no limit on written content per post. Posts can save you time as they can be written in advance and have the option of spacing them with as little as 10 minute intervals, this is an ideal way of keeping customers updated with news about products on a regular basis.

Twitter, on the other hand, limits the number of written content per post. Many businesses often choose to just add a link to another site when using twitter for promoting a business or product. Twitter is particularly popular amongst celebrities and for news links.

Facebook is a social networking site for all. Businesses, celebrities the general public can often be seen using Facebook. Unlike other social networks, Facebook also has instant messaging. This enables you to speak with clients more directly.

In having a Facebook business page you will target your chosen audience more effectively than any other social networking site. Whilst Facebook has a variety of users, LinkedIn is more professional based. This can aid in making contact with other businesses. Although you can, with a business Facebook account, add links to other social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter. This will enable any contacts you have on other social networks to find you on Facebook.