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Small Business Online Advertising Even If You Don’t Have a Website

Posted on May 27, 2019 in Uncategorized

The day has arrived for Small Business to break into the online marketing arena. All the major search engines are taking in to account the plausibility that a search term can relate to a product or service that will be offered by a local small business. Based on the computer’s IPAddress that the search term was entered from, a search engine will show results near the IPAddress zip code. All small businesses can and should take advantage of local searches. Even without a website it is still possible to create a business listing on Google local business center, Yahoo local, and Bing local which is MSN’s new search engine. Of course having a website is not a bad idea either and will compliment a business listing. 

It is necessary to highlight the importance that local search will continue to have as instant internet access via smart phones becomes available to more consumers. Already consumers want instant information and if they can see a business listing on their iphone via Google, then click a link to that business’ website and verify that the business is legitimate then that company gains a new customer. It happens that instantaneously and will occur more and more frequently. As a provider of local products and or services it is vital to your future that you get listed accurately with as much detail as possible with these local searches. Oh by the way it is free, it will help you and help your customers.

There is simply no reason not to advertise a small business online. The internet is the information medium of today and the foreseeable future. If a small business can market online before its competitors and or do it better than its competitors it can realize a distinct competitive advantage. For one reason there is a learning curve. Consumers will respond differently to online methods of advertising due to age, gender, location etc. The way that consumers respond is in a constant state of evolution, what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. Therefore, there can be no fear when it comes to trying something new in regard to marketing. In many cases the most successful online marketing techniques, at first are seemingly the most hairbrained and ridiculous. 

In thing to note when it comes to online marketing. People typically do not want to be sold a product or service they want to think that they made a choice and chose to buy a product or service. Instead of selling your products and services, inform consumers as to why they should buy from you and highlight what benefits they will receive from your products or services. Remember patience, diligence and to stick with it. Online marketing and advertising can take time to get right, but once you do it can pay dividends for years to come.