Successful Business – Why Some Businesses Succeed And Why Others Don’t

Do you know there is only one ingredient that separates
successful businesses from unsuccessful ones? That
single ingredient is simply none other than how the
business owner(s) think.

The reason why some people succeed in business and
others don’t is that most business owners are negative
thinkers, and they don’t even realize it. They start a
business, but lack confidence in their own ability to
succeed in their business.

A lot of unsuccessful business owners have the
entrepreneurial spirit, but they lack focus – often jumping
from one business opportunity to the next. Most of them
have never taken the time to set clear-cut goals for their
business. They tend to be more concerned about how
much money they are going to make, rather than on what
potential customers want.

On the other hand, if you observe successful business
owners, you will notice how well their minds are focused
on success. They are positive, optimistic thinkers. They
do not jump from one business opportunity to another.

When they first start out, they do not scatter their energy
by starting and running several businesses all at once, but
instead will take the time to nurture and build one
business or product line upward (horizontally). They have
a success-consciousness, and are horizontal business
builders, instead of vertical business builders. They know
that it takes time and hard work to build a successful

Unsuccessful business owners tend to be impatient, and
expect to get rich overnight. They are unrealistic in their
goals, and want instant results. They often blame others
when profits are slow in coming, and will give up when the
going gets tough.

But, successful business people are fearless in their drive
to succeed. They will take immediate, massive, repeated
action to achieve their goals. They will never give up until
they make their dreams a reality.

They are more concerned about customer satisfaction,
inspiring trust in prospective customers, and building long-
term relationships with their customer base… the factors
that create success. They place more emphasis on
selling good products and services, than on making
money. They know and understand that the ultimate
reward of customer satisfaction is financial (monetary)

Some successful business people are well educated and
some are not, as far as a formal education is concerned.
What sets them apart from unsuccessful business owners
is that their mind stays focused on success, regardless of
the obstacles in front of them.

If you are to achieve success in business, it is important
that you maintain a success consciousness. You must
keep your mind focused on the road to success, not the
obstacles you encounter on the road to success.

When you know your purpose for being in business, you
cannot be led astray by circumstances, words, or other
business opportunities that have nothing to do with your
goals. You must train your mind to focus on the end
result – the goals-you want to accomplish, not your

If you do, you will be able to achieve practically any goal
you choose for your business.