The Evolution to Social Networking

Today it’s real, social networking shapes our life. An age which started in the early 2000s with Friendster and Myspace began as websites that allowed you to meet people and check out pictures. With Myspace growing bigger and Facebook joining the game it opened up more possibilities like networking, connecting and sharing. Today with Facebook having won the social race, they have set the standards of networking. Facebook has taken the limits of social networking to becoming your online life. More than Google even, Facebook is your online persona. You have everything you like on Facebook, your pictures, your friends and so much more.

With Facebook you share videos and music. You chat with your friends and pass information. You discover news, music or artists. You express your feelings and more. With all that it makes Facebook addicting. You come back every time to check pictures of your friends, stalk some people (including exs) and see what people are up to.

So with all this, how much more can social websites do? What’s the future of social networking? Facebook seems to think it’s about sharing seamlessly and connecting more easily. Are they right? In their situation, certainly. With no other major player, what they are trying to build for the future seems pretty good.

But is that really the evolution of social networking? In my opinion, not the longer term evolution. Facebook and the other networks have two issues that separate them from what I think will be an evolution of social networking. They are passive websites. What do I mean by that? Well they are mainly typed networks. You want to express yourself, you type it. You want to communicate with your friend, you type. Want to share something type it out and post a link. Well if its something cool. Type to respond to the comments. That’s what I mean by passive.

Secondly it’s not real time. OK, Facebook is fast and you can get responses almost instantly. However it’s still not real time. Say I want to say something to my friend, I type it and then wait for my friend to respond. While if I was physically with him, as soon as I will start talking he will probably retort while I’m talking.

That’s why in my opinion, the evolution to social networking is live networking. What is this? Like real time video social networking. Networking where you video chatting is entrenched in the dna of the social network. You have something to say, start talking on cam and your friends respond in real time. You want to talk with friends; immediately call them and talk. Want to meet people? go into the hunt of meeting people and start connecting. Have something to share like a new song, share it and comment on the song with your friends actively listening to the song with you. Real time gaming. Play angry birds and react with your friends in real time. Imagine all the things you would be able to do. Sharing will be much easier and faster. Communication will be easier and more lively and that is just a little surface I’m scratching here.