The Social Network – Facebook Autobiography

Millions of people chitchat on the net everyday checking their MySpace and Facebook accounts for the day’s activities. Chances are better than average that you have one or both of these accounts right now and you have liked, poked or quizzed at least once! Most people will go through all of these motions daily without ever thinking about how these sites got their beginnings, The Social Network is a movie that seeks to address that question for the master of the social network sites, Facebook!

On Facebook

If you are one of the few people on the planet who has yet to start your own Facebook page, first of all you are in the minority. So what is all the hoopla about? Facebook is the premiere social site on the net, it is a place where you can share your life with the rest of the world, well at least those on your friends list!

Getting started on Facebook is pretty simple you just fill out a little information, choose a password and you are set to begin adding stuff to your profile. One of the most commonly shared media forms on the site are pictures. People post pictures at a lightening rate of anything and everything! Kids, dogs, summer vacation or the cake they baked last night are all fair game for an upload to Facebook.

The images, comments and other activity you partake in on the site can only be seen by you and your friends. Now these may or may not be people you actually know outside of the internet. Some people prefer to keep their Facebook page a place for close personal friends and relatives while others accept every friend request sent their way.

In addition to leaving comments, sending messages and sharing photos you can also play a variety of games through the site. Farm Town and Farmville are two of the most popular games created for the Facebook platform. Your success with these applications will depend a good deal; on how many friends you have that play and how often you plan on signing in! If the idea of your own virtual farm does not impress you much perhaps you would like you own virtual apartment in Yoville or an island paradise, pretty much anything you can think of has an application on Facebook.

The Movie

The Social Network is a movie dedicated to telling the story of how Facebook got started. The tag line, “you can’t have 500 million friends without making some enemies” pretty much sums up this exciting film. Watch as the co-creators go from being average college kids to earning billions, yes billions of dollars! Of course, the film is not without some intrigue as accusations of theft, privacy violations and best friends suing each other for massive sums of money fill out the plot. This movie is shaping up to be a super success.